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A Powerful Exploration of Black History in Cornwall's Archives

The short film 'To Whom Does This Belong?' is a powerful exploration of Black history in Cornwall's archives. Created with the support of Cornwall Museums Partnership, the film features members from Black Voices Cornwall as they handle documents and archival material related to Cornwall's history and its links to the trade of enslaved African people.

The film was produced and edited by Ashton John and Caroline Deeds and features a haunting, melodic track by Cornwall-based folk singer and composer, Angeline Morrison. It opens with a coastal scene in Porthcurno, giving a sense of regionality and space.

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Museum X, Black Voices Cornwall, and Cornwall Museums Partnership have developed a shared framework for the distribution of "To Whom Does This Belong?" Our commitment to proactive and equitable collaboration ensures that the film reaches the intended audience with care and consideration for their wellbeing. We will continue to communicate consistently, explore opportunities for screenings, and engage with various audience groups. By sharing this powerful documentary, we aim to foster meaningful dialogue and promote a more inclusive understanding of cultural heritage.

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To Whom Does This Belong?

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