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Listen to the Reactivating Sounds of Blackness Audio Files
Vanley Burke with Gary Stewart of Dubmorphology as part of Arts&Heritage Meeting Point programme
Vanley Burke sound installation exploring Black culture in Britain to open in Handsworth, Birmingham

The just released A&H Podcast, Episode 5: Reactivating Sounds of Blackness is a soundscape created by Vanley Burke and Gary Stewart, in collaboration with Red Earth Collective

This work includes recordings of interviews by Burke, as well as everyday sounds and intangible heritage from his local area, commissioned as part of A&H’s Meeting Point programme with Museum X, a project to create Britain’s first museum celebrating Black British history, art and culture. 

Originally broadcast live in Handsworth Park, Birmingham April 2023, this podcast features the artwork, followed by a conversation between Vanley Burke and Gary Stewart.

“I’ve always tried to champion (if you like) the voice of the ordinary. I think it’s there where many quite important stories are told, because we rarely ever had the chance to – they, the people – rarely have the chance to have their voice heard, or their stories heard.” – Vanley Burke


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